Police gag on Mt Lawley assault claim

TWO men allegedly sexually assaulted a woman at Forrest Park in Mt Lawley last Sunday morning but police are refusing to provide details.

Early in the week the Voice received calls from two locals concerned about the incident. They’d heard the woman had been walking her dog when three men attacked her, but that turned out to be a bit off the mark.

Police media handler Ros Weatherall confirmed police were investigating “an allegation of a sexual assault on a 27-year-old woman by two men she had met the night before”.

The Voice asked if suspects had been identified and where the woman had met the attackers but Ms Weatherall refused to say.

“No further information will be released, but I can confirm it was not a random attack and the victim was not a lady walking her dog.”

Nearby resident Danae Watkins told the Voice she’d been frustrated by the lack of information police were giving residents. She called police about the attack but her requests for information were stonewalled. Another local said they’d had a similar experience talking to police.

Ms Watkins says there’s a lot of concern in the community about the attack and the lack of police communication doesn’t help.


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