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WOW! I have read some negative letters over the years but Naomi Clark’s criticism of councillor John Carey being regularly seen in the Voice (Voice Mail, April 27, 2013) is very strange.
I always thought it was the editor who decided what is published in the paper, not councillors. As a long-term resident in Vincent, it is my view the new team under Mayor Alannah MacTiernan and Cr Carey are really making things happen and long-term issues are finally being resolved.
I also like the new energy being put into improving our town centres, it’s well overdue and needed. Personally, I think the new bus stops and bath tubs on Beaufort Street are fun and look great. Maybe Naomi needs to lighten up and enjoy all the great things happening in our community! Keep going Vincent!
Fiona Kennedy
Brisbane Tce, Perth

Perth CBD school please
FANTASTIC! Eleni Evangel, the new MLA, has primary schools within her electorate as a “primary priority” (Voice, April 20, 2013).
Maybe she will push for the establishment of a primary school to meet the demand of a growing CBD population. The city is on the right track to create a more livable city  by having a resident population, but a primary school is basic infrastructure, and the CBD should not be exempt from the provision of basics.
If the sinking of the rail only provides space for more commercial developments then the public debt will be wasted. More commercial development in the CBD will only exacerbate our access problems .
So Eleni, do something visionary and ensure your CBD electorate has a new primary school (to replace those removed in the past), become a CBD primary school evangelist, and maybe you will be re-elected.
Greg Smith
Rose Ave, Bayswater

Save the mural
WE moved to Highgate 16 years ago because it was inner-city and had opportunity to grow its sense of community.
Its growth has been confirmed by the introduction of “higher density living” nearby which is essential for inner-city area infrastructure to be more vibrant and sustainable.
The changing businesses along the street are an indication that what will make Beaufort Street work best is still to come. The success of the Beaufort Street Festival indicates an increase in vibrancy, as does the reduced speed limit which allows the street to be more “humanised” during the day.
I was dumb-founded by the attitude of the new tenant of Soto Expresso (Voice, April 20, 2013) to such a wonderful piece of urban art, which has not only added to the general urban fabric of Mt Lawley but also to the streetscape of the Beaufort Street shopping strip and to Highgate area in particular.
There are not many examples of good urban art in the form of wall murals, but this is one. Another is at the rear of the old blood bank which can be seen from Pier Street at Moore Street.
Art is about “self expression” and Konfucius & Co have already expressed themselves in art which Alex and Michael don’t like. Why would Konfucius & Co consider replacing the current mural? Get real Alex and Michael, you just want to control self-expression. Not everyone would have a Picasso hanging in their house and yet his works are revered by many and art galleries around the world display his works. “Self-expression” should be encouraged unless it offends and I do not believe this artwork offends.
I do not understand how Alex and Michael can believe this mural will adversely affect sales at the Mary Street Bakery when it opens: Do they not realise the mural is a landmark and will be referred to by people when they talk about where the bakery is?
I believe there are locals prepared to boycott the bakery if the mural is removed. I feel strongly enough that I would join them even though it is more convenient then Lawley’s. Alex and Michael, ask the community what they believe is best for Beaufort Street. Do not try and make decisions for locals about the place they live in.
Peter Lee-Jones

So rude
EVERY day while trundling up Loftus or down Vincent Street, I see the back of the big blue head at the Vincent council offices.
Given that to turn your back is to ignore or to refuse to interact with a person, I take it as a little insult from the council, every time I pass. Onya, Vincent!
David Waterhouse
Richmond St, Leederville

We’re routed
AS you have observed (Voice April 20, 2013), the PTA has ploughed ahead with changes to buses along Beaufort and William Streets without any consultation.
Residents of Perth/Northbridge around William Street need to be aware there will shortly be no bus services on William Street between Brisbane Street and the city, which hitherto has been served by several routes. All will now approach the city along Beaufort Street.
I have suggested to Transperth that route No. 60 remain as it is at present to maintain some service, reaching the city along the full length of William Street and returning to Morley via Beaufort Street, along Brisbane Street and then continuing north along William Street as now. I was told that, having bus lanes in Beaufort Street, the PTA wanted to make as much use of them as possible, even dismissing a possible more sensible option to leave the No. 60 as it is.
David Durrant,
Wade St, Perth

Walking and chewing here!
LAST week two correspondents sledged the City of Vincent.
In local government you have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We need to be both practical and imaginative.
Vincent council is unashamedly putting a focus on upgrading our urban villages with public art, festivals, more greenery and quality street furniture—funded largely from parking revenue.
It is important we do our bit to make these precincts attractive and competitive; they are the life blood of the city.
At the same time, we have been taking action to increase and rationalise parking in Beaufort Street.
Last year we built 20 new car parking bays in the Beaufort Street precinct and changed the parking regime on many residential streets to fine-tune the mix to suit the needs of residents.
But we need to balance the competing needs for parking and it is simply not possible to give residents a monopoly of the streets for parking.
And while we may have missed one complaint about a full rubbish bin, generally our city officers do a great job keeping the streets clean. We are also unashamed that we have taken the lead on combating street prostitution. There is no doubt it is our action and advocacy that has prompted police response.
Perhaps if Naomi Clarke lived in the area she would be more understanding of the nightmare created by the kerb crawlers.
Alannah MacTiernan
Mayor, City of Vincent

WITH little imagination the “doomed mural” (Voice, April 20 and 27, 2013) could surely have been tweaked to benefit the new Mary Street Bakery.
Destroying the mural reflects lack of responsibility for the environment akin to that expressed when advertising pressures threaten trees.
That none of those involved in creating the original mural for the Soto Espresso Café sought to approach the building’s owner exhibited sad lack of courtesy.
The mural’s fate has prompted this scribe to dwell on the general concept of murals.
How about this image to proclaim Australia: a didgeridoo being played by a kangaroo with a kookaburra perched on one shoulder; on the other, a koala? What a blessing—our skilled artists’ imagination!
Silas Comberbache Jr
Goderich St, Perth

Hard to please
I WAS surprised to read Naomi Clark’s personal attack on Vincent councillor John Carey (Voice Mail, April 27, 2013).
As they say, it’s hard to please all of the people all of the time. But I’m pleased the Voice writes about the activities of all our elected representatives as it’s the main way I learn about local issues.
I know some residents adversely affected by street prostitution and they are very glad the council is proactive on this issue so why attack a councillor for responding to the needs of residents?
Ironic that Naomi is upset about unpainted bike racks and public art in Beaufort Street given Cr Carey has put in massive amounts of volunteer hours to make the Beaufort Street area such a great place to live, visit and work.
I belong to the Beaufort Street Network and was also impressed by the awesome festival—he has been very active getting these going and keeping them successful.
Haven’t noticed the state of the bike racks yet but I’m a big supporter of more public art. Thanks John Carey and keep up the good work!
Megan Anwyl
Palmerston St, Perth

I RECENTLY read in the Voice about the treatment of young local artist Matt McVeigh by the Vincent city council. To me this is a case of Alannah MacTiernan stabbing local talent in the back to justify an impulse purchase.
Merryl Cowie
Kemp Rd, Mt Pleasant

Carey tireless
IN reply to Naomi Clark’s letter (Voice Mail, April 27, 2013) regarding Cr John Carey’s motives for his interest in Beaufort Street I felt compelled to throw my 20 cents’ worth into the ring.
I sit on various council and private committees with John and have witnessed first-hand his tireless enthusiasm and desire to get things happening on Beaufort Street.
With most things involving committees, red tape and bureaucracy progress will be slow but the time and effort expended so far certainly outweighs any personal gain, in my opinion.There are many forums where residents and businesses can be involved and have their voices heard and be a part of the revitalisation of Beaufort Street.
Pam Herron
Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

Grab it and run
IF I were Matt McVeigh (Voice, April 27, 2013) I would take the $5000 and run.
He has been paid for his intellectual ideas, and for the maquettes produced, normal practice to convey first ideas.
This is the time when the client can direct change and if still not convinced of suitability can refuse the project. This happens with portraits, sculpture, architectural plans andother crafts.
The first of Mr McVeigh’s ideas in the maquettes were imaginative, whimsical, colourful and worked as art. The second interpretation has no excitement, is derivative, pedestrian and has no place in the Town of Vincent.
LR Ferrier
Hyde St, Mt Lawley

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