Napkins to go

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JAMIE’S Italian restaurant won’t say how many of its high quality linen napkins are being stolen.

A source who’d dropped by the insanely popular eaterie for a feed Saturday night said they’d seen “several” of Oliver’s logo-stamped towellettes go missing.

The source estimated “hundreds” must get stolen every week.

We called the restaurant Monday but no-one was willing to comment. They put us onto the PR team and we emailed them Monday and Wednesday but got no response.

UK’s The Daily Mail reported Oliver moaning last year that 30,000 napkins a month were getting pinched from his trendy chain. But his own PR machine claimed he was wrong: “Although we do lose a fair few napkins, it is not near that number”.

Since Jamie’s Italian opened a month ago it’s been nuts. Punters line up for up to an hour to put their name on the waiting list and then another two for a call that there’s a table free. Despite the chaotic booking system it’s been a hit with critics for its decent prices and good food.


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