Sex workers mine the boom

MEN are complaining online the mining boom has sent the hourly cost of sex through the roof.

WA sex workers’ hourly rates are said to be double that of those in the eastern states.

“Rahrahrah” moaned on that “WL (working ladies) are going for up to $900 [an hour]”.

“Do they [realise] that we can go to Singapore/Thailand/Phillipines/Indo return for this much, have multiple punts, we would have variety and the girls would try their hardest to satisfy the client and to earn their tip?”

Men posting to the forum from Melbourne boast of hiring multiple “punts” for what Perth men pay for a single outing.

“The mining industry has a lot to answer for regarding WLs in WA,” “Winwoodfan” argues. He says Perth women routinely charge twice the national rate.

WA sex worker “English Amber” chimes in with: “I’d say 80 per cent of the gents that have visited me in some way connected to the mining biz”.

“Pantsman” says high prices and poor service have driven him in another direction: “I’ve all but quit punting with WLs and have moved towards the SB scene,” he posted, referring to the “sugar babe” model where wealthy men offer on-going financial support to longer-term sexual partners.


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