You auto book in for a tune-up

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If this eatery was any cooler the polar caps wouldn’t be in danger of melting.

“Gordon St Garage fan-bloody-tastic,” I un-coolly text—not tweet—to the colleague who’d put me onto this cafe in a small side street.

Created from the bones of the old Kings Park auto garage this joint is so industrial chic I found myself looking for oil stains on the grunge-polished concrete floors.

I didn’t find any of course, you don’t get this urban decayed look without a lot of work (and money), no matter how casual and relaxed it feels. That’s the genius of it.

A sea of uber-trendy under-35s washed through the cavernous space, many leaving with boxes of cakes under their arm, during the two hours my dining companion and I dawdled over lunch.

The owners of Little Creatures, Duende and Il Lido are behind this eatery so I knew it had to be good: Anyone familiar with the (still fantastic) Little Creatures will feel right at home here.

But the food is all its own: Soba noodles, sesame swordfish, snow peas, ginger and soy ($20) was my excellent choice.

The fish was superb, moist and flavoursome without being overpowering, and the Japanese soy sauce and daintily shaved pickled-ginger slices made the noodles the perfect accompaniment, gloriously piquant and salty.

Pat ordered the chilli, salted calamari ($18), checking first on the level of chilli and reassured by the friendly and efficient waiter she wouldn’t have her head blown off.

It was pleasantly spicy and tender and the peanut and cucumber salad with palm sugar vinaigrette went down a treat.

A plentitude of cakes nearby had been tempting us from the sidelines, then I discovered there was a whole other cabinet that was a rainbow of outrageously coloured mousse cakes.

I ordered the raspberry and pistachio, an ultra-thin crust of hot pink over a purple filling.

At ten bucks it was pure indulgence, but “oh my God” was it worth it.

Sharp and sweet, with a crunchy nutty base the flavours just kept on coming.

Pat’s lemon drizzle cake ($4.50) was good value, a huge slab of cake, oozing with a sharp lemon syrup.

Gordon Street has its own coffee roaster, a huge industrial oven in full view just about anywhere in the eatery, where its own blend is produced, and we agreed the result is some of the best coffee we’d ever had.

Fantastic ambience, great food and terrific service, Gordon Street Garage has it all.

And if that was not enough it’s fully licensed too. What a find.


Gordon Street Garage
16 Gordon St, West Perth
Phone 9322 8050
open 7 days 7am to late 


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