Lunch for one

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MIACAFE, Inglewood


Lunching alone can draw sympathetic looks from other diners but as I gazed across the gardens of this Inglewood cafe/garden centre, I couldn’t have been happier—nor more serene.

Lucky for me, when the hunger greables kicked in while racing between appointments I found myself close to Miacafe, a delightful cafe I’d dined at a time or two before.

A perusal of the garden is always a requisite appetiser and it wasn’t long before a couple of plants were mentally added to the menu.

A mouth-watering gift shop sits conveniently between the garden and the cafe, but I resisted despite the many temptations.

The small menu has something for everyone, from beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers ($15.95) to a couple of pasta dishes and some delicious-sounding salads, including spinach and pumpkin and a seasonal pear salad with rocket ($15.50).

Rain was hammering on the roof and the leaves on the trees were hues of orange and red, so the autumn mushroom bruschetta ($17.50) seemed an appropriate choice.

With a hint of garlic, shaved parmesan, herbs and lemon juice they were magnificent, firm not sloppy, and full of flavour.

In the interests of research I took home a savoury muffin ($5.50), for my loved one.

It was a huge concoction, deliciously textured with spinach and fetta and very well received.

But before heading off, a slice of lime tart ($6) and a coffee was in order.

At first I thought the (huge) slice lacked bite but the signal had barely penetrated before the sharp lime kicked in, making it worth the struggle to finish.

Plants and muffin in hand I was well set up to face whatever the rest of the day threw my way—and silently hoped to be thrown in the way of Miacafe again in the near future.

905 Beaufort St, Inglewood
9271 1599
open Sun–Wed 7.30am  to 5pm, Thur–Sat 7.30am to late

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