Ambitious plans for new Hansman

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THE Les Hansman Community Centre in Morley is set for a multi-million dollar rebirth.

Bayswater city council is set to tear down the existing centre, built in the 1970s, and build a new civic and commercial mixed-use facility in its place.

The multi-storey development could incorporate services currently at the Galleria, including the library, Max Tulley Centre and child care centre. The council has released two concept plans for public comment.

Option one will cost around $10 million to build and include a function centre, council one-stop shop, meeting room, indoor garden, service and office space/library on 2175sqm.

The ambitious second option will cost more than seven times as much—around $73m—but include aged accommodation, outdoor cinema, medical suites, retail, library and a car park/community rooftop garden. It would be around 7864sqm.

“We are looking for a range of ideas on how to develop the space to provide a vibrant hub for the community,” said mayor Terry Kenyon. “This will involve looking at a mix of civic, community and potentially commercial uses that will contribute to the regeneration of the Morley city centre.”

Concepts are at Bayswater council, Morley Library and Centro Galleria. A public display will he held at the Les Hansman on May 25 with council staff on hand to answer questions. Submissions close June 5.


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