Cinnamon adds spice

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CINNAMON CLUB, Leederville


This Leederville eatery is chronically underpopulated.

The food is good but the dishes are typically a few bucks above what you’d pay at the wildly successful Two Fat Indians chain.

The service is also a little patchy. Despite the place being near-empty we did have to wave wildly to catch someone’s eye to get another beer.

That said, once we had our order placed everything did come out very fast and the food was expertly done.

I picked the goat curry ($23.50) which is billed as one of the hotter dishes but I didn’t have high hopes for teary eyes given recent underwhelming experiences around Perth.

I’ve been getting tired of ordering dishes that bill themselves as “hot and spicy” but end up as challenging as a two-piece jigsaw.

Soothe the heat

To its credit the Cinnamon Club’s goat is nicely spicy, leaving the mouth piping hot as you delve for another handful of naan to soothe the heat. The meat is served on the bone and is nicely juicy and rich. I loved it.

The palak paneer ($16.50) sees chunks of soft cottage cheese buried amongst a thick spinachy curry. I normally baulk at fully-vegetarian dishes but the dairy of the cheese nicely plays off the refreshing, sharp sauce and it has a really nicely rounded palate.

The yellow dal tadka ($15) was another vego dish that hit the spot. Here Toor lentils are strewn with mystery spices. I’ve had versions of this dish where the lentils were too sandy and gritty and it was like eating a packet of powdered gravy but this was pulled off really well with the lentils beautifully moist and the sauce creamy.

Dinner for two will cost you about $60, and if there’s leftovers they’re happy to pack it up for you to take home (something an increasing number of restaurants are refusing to do).

Cinnamon Club
228 Carr Place, Leederville
Open lunch Wed–Fri and
dinner Mon–Sun
9228 1300

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