Copper crooks cut into businesses

04. 781NEWS

Cathy Horbron

A SPATE of copper pipe thefts over the past month has cost three Yokine businesses around $3000.

Cathy’s Kitchen, Rayners Supermarket, and Lottery Centre and Newsagency—all located within metres of each other on Flinders Street—have been targeted by thieves who sell the copper to scrap yards.

Cathy’s Kitchen owner Cathy Horbron says copper pipes outside her cafe were stolen twice within two weeks.

“I turned up at the cafe one morning to find water gushing onto the pavement,” she told the Voice. “It was at the weekend which is our busiest time—so it was a bit of a nightmare. After it happened the second time we decided to install a protective guard to stop them getting access.”

The supermarket and lottery newsagency had their pipes stolen last weekend.

The Voice came across more missing copper: We rang police for comment but no reply.


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