Wham! Bam! It’s the crime-busting coffee caravan

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SKINNY lattes are helping fight crime at Riverside Gardens.

Ever since the Cool Breeze Cafe van started flogging flat whites from the Milne Street car park in January, Bayswater city council rangers have reported a drop in car break-ins.

“The mobile kiosk is considered to be a deterrent to anti-social behaviour in the area,” a council staffer noted.

Cafe co-owner Georgia Johnson says riverside carparks are hotspots for bag-snatchers and car thieves.

“The carparks at the bird sanctuary and the one near the boat club are two of the worst for break-ins,” she says.

“I’ve seen two or three guys on one scooter screeching through the park with stolen goods.

“I’m glad that our presence here has helped in a small way to deter that sort of thing.”

WA police sergeant Gerry Cassidy says theft of property from cars is often sporadic and impulsive.

“Property is often left in open view in parked cars and is targeted by opportunist thieves.

“In previous months when figures indicated an increase in thefts police and Bayswater rangers increased patrols of the area—this saw a dramatic decrease in reported offences.

“Police urge the public to remove any valuables when visiting isolated parking areas.”

The council has now voted to allow the cafe to add outdoor furniture and an A-frame sign.

“People have been wanting a kiosk down there for ages,” Cr Sylvan Albert says.

“It’s a great addition and popular with dog walkers, and families who use the playground there.”


2 responses to “Wham! Bam! It’s the crime-busting coffee caravan

  1. The SKINNY lattes may be helping to fight crime but the way the ute and van is parked on local streets on the incorrect side of the road with headlights after it leaves Riverside Gardens is illegal and dangerous.

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