Bofo lacks allure

10. 782NEWS

Russell Butler is closing Allure. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

BEAUFORT STREET is losing another independent business.

Allure Furniture in Highgate will close on July 25, with co-owner Russell Butler saying “we’ve had a great innings” but it was time to move on.

Mr Butler says high rents were a factor, as was declining pedestrian traffic caused partly by more night-oriented venues in the area and the introduction of paid parking.

But he says the “final straw” was Vincent council putting the clamps on a no-parking zone they’d historically used as a bay for seven years.

Vincent CEO John Giorgi points out rangers allow Allure to use it as a temporary loading bay, but it is a no parking zone and to be consistent the council would have to allow anyone to park there if they’d bent the rules for Allure.

Along with co-owner Andrew Barnett, Mr Butler will continue to operate Allure’s Morley outlet sales business.

Nearby quirky homewares store Simply by Life also recently closed after opening in September 2012. Before that, Test Tube Objects came and went, its friendly store dog now long gone.

They join Antonio’s Continental deli, Ottobrino’s butcher, Vintage Tatt, Soto Espresso and Raah which all closed on the street in the past year.


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