Steak your claim to a Pepper Lunch

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If you’ve traveled throughout Japan and South-East Asia you know how insanely popular the Pepper Lunch franchise is.

There are 200 across Japan, 80 through SE Asia, two in Sydney, one in Melbourne and, in Perth…there’s Pepper Lunch at 95 Barrack Street.

Pepper Lunch is popular for a reason: Fantastic Japanese steak that’s affordable and cooked unbelievably fast.

Perth franchise owner Aditya Pratanu is just 25 but he’s known since he was a child he wanted to own a restaurant.

Travelling through Japan as a youngster the Pepper Lunch franchise seemed a great fit: He’s just clocked up his first year and couldn’t be happier.

“Everybody loves the Japanese steak house experience,” he says with infectious enthusiasm.

“It’s so different to western cowboy steakhouse, they’re worlds apart.

“It’s fun being able to sizzle your own steak on a hot iron plate and you get to cook it exactly how you want.”

And if you thought that meant time-consuming and fussy, think again.

“This is fast-food, Japanese style,” Aditya laughs. “We have it prepared within five to seven minutes and then you finish off the cooking.

“Some of our best customers are office workers who pretty much need to eat and run: This is perfect, and a lot more healthy than a pie and chips.”

Aditya runs Pepper Lunch with sister Adelina and brother Aditama.

“We keep it in the family—it’s lots of fun. Hard work, but fun,” he smiles.

You can enjoy a full-on steak meal for anything between $12 and $18.

“One of the favourites has to be the kimchi beef pepper rice,” Aditya says.

“Sure, it’s more Korean than Japanese but the flavours are so unique. Everyone loves it.”

Pepper Lunch runs happy hour specials between 3–5.30pm with some dishes at reduced prices. You’ll generally find the place packed at this time with local students on a budget who want to eat well.

Head down to Barrack Street and check out for yourself why everyone’s raving about Pepper Lunch.

Pepper Lunch
95 Barrack Street, Perth
9325 3532

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