Return of the ferry

Tranby House on the Maylands foreshore is set to become a tourist attraction, with Captain Cook Cruises set to re-launch its river cruise to the site.

Bayswater city council has voted to modify the new Tranby Jetty to accommodate larger commercial vessels, after the company expressed interest in making the heritage-listed house a stop-off point.

Cr Sonia Turkington says the National Trust has struggled to attract visitors to the circa 1839 house, and the cruise visits will provide a major tourism fillip for Maylands. “We have a responsibility to bring tourists into Bayswater,” she says.

Council is building a $247,000 Tranby Jetty after the original fell into disrepair. It is expected to be ready by November.

Cooks’ CEO Pauline McAlinden says the plan is to offer daily cruises to Tranby, with 15-minute stopovers.

“It’s early days so we’ll need to talk with Bayswater council and Tranby House about what we can do,” she says. “The main priority is to get people back to the house and give it exposure.” The jetty will be open to all commercial vessels but the council will not charge a fee in order to avoid complications over state funding rules.

The item was brought up at the last minute and several councillors wanted more time to examine the likely impact of a larger vessel. “We want to use the river; but wisely,” Cr Mike Anderton says. “I have a background in marine engineering and I think we need to do a study on what impact these larger vessels may have on the riverbank.


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