Change is grand: Kenyon

Bayswater mayor Terry Kenyon is one of the few WA mayors happy with the Barnett Merger.

His council will merge with Bassendean and the new boundaries expand westward to Alexander Drive—rolling in all of Inglewood and most of Mt Lawley—and eastward to Reid highway, taking Noranda.

Cr Kenyon says Morley will become the strategic heart of the new council.

“This is good news and exactly what the city asked for as an outcome, so it is gratifying that the state government listened,” he beamed.

“The merger will see the creation of a larger, more viable local government.

“During the two-year amalgamation process and afterwards, our focus will be on continuing to provide excellent services to our residents.”

Bayswater City Residents’ Association president Tony Green says the merger is logical and he’s pleased to see Lightning Swamp bushland included in the new council.


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