Merger madness

01. 790NEWSOutrage over forced council amalgamations

THE VOICE SAYS: Premier Colin Barnett may have dreamed of Anchluss, of a seamless stitching together of borders with grateful, pretty frauleins casting flowers at his feet, but the reality is anything but.

His merger plans have been greeted instead with almost universal opprobrium, and with good reason.

He’s had more than three years to get this merger thing right in his head but he’s muffed it. What a mess he’s presented.

Inexplicably, the premier is splitting Vincent in two, rather than putting all of it in Perth, which is what everybody had asked for, and which would have been far easier to achieve.

So Vincent’s unhappy because its trendy inner-city hipsters get lumbered in suburbia and Stirling’s unhappy because it loses its debt-free Terry Tyzack pool and gets lumbered with Beatty Park, which is $15 million in the red. Stirling also loses all of Inglewood and the vast majority of prized Mt Lawley, which go into the merged Bayswater and Bassendean.

The Barnett Merger is a master class in political incompetence, failing on just about every level: Social, political and economic. There is little, if any, practical benefit for residents and ratepayers: The mergers will certainly do nothing to drive down rates (there’s plenty of evidence from over east to show that), executive pay will skyrocket and residents’ voice in their “local” councils will be all-but snuffed out. The winners are big developers who’ve never liked the inconvenience of small, elected councils getting in their way.

One response to “Merger madness

  1. We went to the rally in Angove Street today-Saturday, it was a good turnout, Alana MacTiernan was great. We were hoping to get some explanation though as to why the City of Vincent was to be split, it appears no one knows, not even Eleni Evangel who is the local member for Perth? Hopefully someone reads this and posts an answer.

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