Letters 17.8.13

15. 792LETTERSMarriage is so much more
HOW sad that Greg Sehojuet (Voice Mail, August 10, 2013) sees a legal contract between two people as being equivalent to marriage.
Sorry—but the legal rights and responsibilities for same-sex couples are already in place by virtue of Australian governments having already given these relationships effectively the status of de-facto marriages. That boat has already sailed.
Marriage is much more than a legal contract. It is public recognition that the relationship exists. It is an affirmation that the relationship is of value to our society. It is a celebration of two people publicly committing to share their lives, to support each other unconditionally as they journey through their lives together.
Sorry Mr Sehoujet, a “legal private contract” doesn’t cut it.
Graham Cowan
Haig Park Circle
East Perth

Vincent cans frank opinion
SINCE when did an opinion equal spam?
It seems the City of Vincent considers any opinion contrary to its own to be spam.
Having posted comments questioning the city’s opposition to amalgamating with Stirling, I was swiftly blocked from many of the city’s facebook sites.
It appears freedom of speech only exists if you agree with Vincent.
At least I offer factual reasons for my opinion, unlike people sucked in by the mayor’s propaganda that life as they currently know it will disappear.
Rhetoric about “dynamics of an inner-city community built around urban villages” and calling Stirling “a ‘70s disco that no-one wants to go to” is all Vincent can manage because its argument is devoid of fact.
The mayor repeatedly states “Stirling’s focus is understandably elsewhere” but never says exactly where this is.
All residents of Vincent are not opposed to the merger. The fact Vincent is using ratepayers’ money to bankroll this campaign is nothing short of a misuse of funds.
Not only is it misusing public funds, it is also not performing its duties as a council. In a recent email from a councillor it was stated, “I’m sure you can appreciate the mayor, councillors and officers have been focused on what the implications are and how we can stop our areas being split”.
No, I don’t appreciate it. I expect the council to perform the duties it is obliged to.
Why isn’t the council spending its time and resources preparing its submission to the local government advisory board?
My guess is it’s because that wouldn’t create anywhere near as much free publicity for the mayor’s federal election campaign as the current circus does.
By the way, the false advertising of a youthful female on the mayor’s campaign poster has not gone unnoticed. What an insult to women!
Debbie Saunders
Oxford St, Leederville

Risking outbreak
TUT-TUT, Chief Chook. You’ve risked yet again a Voiceland outbreak of heart attacks and strokes.
This by neglecting to put a cross reference in Voice Mail: More letters, page 6 (Voice, August 19, 2013). Imagine a contributor, finding nothing on page 4, never turning to page 6.
The heaven-sent free Voice would not, of course, wish to avoid responsibility.
Otto Mustard
Alvan St, Mt Lawley
The Ed says: Only those committing to reading the paper in its entirety get to savour the full flavour of its fruits:)

Smith won’t be missed
NOT sorry to see federal Perth MP Stephen Smith decamp. He only made himself available to his close mates and everyone else was fobbed off to staff.
Although some staff were very capable it was never the same. Despite him holding various senior ministerial positions in government, of what use or relevance was he to the Perth electorate if constituents could never access him?
Retrograde step for Labor replacing Smith with an ex-broken down politician who has seen better days. Furthermore, I wish she would cease using images of her granddaughter instead of herself on electoral billboards.
George Bouzidis
Third Ave, Mt Lawley

Feeling dumped
I TOO question the commitment of Alannah MacTiernan (“Flip-Flop MacTiernan?” Voice Mail August 10, 2013).
She urged us to vote her in as Mayor of Vincent with promises to be a strong representative for the next term, then as soon as a better offer comes along she is happy to dump us in favour of a federal seat.
Z Han
Bulwer St, Perth

A disturbing deflation
WHILST taking a stroll through Hyde Park—having taken advantage of the City of Vincent’s excellent cat sterilisation/microchipping subsidy scheme—I came across something disturbing hanging from a Moreton Bay Fig Tree; a deflated Liberal party campaign balloon.
Now, I am aware the environment is not a strong point of the Liberal party, but surely these slobs could clean up after themselves when using our public parks and wetlands?
I wonder what my local Liberal candidate Darryl Moore would have to say about such wanton vandalism, just metres from a family of swans, with four tiny cygnets?
Shame, Liberal Party campaigners!
Clean your act up (and your policies while you’re at it).
Michael Lush
Stirling St, Perth

Think of the gallants!
WEARY gallants continue to drag to safety endearing elderly ladies from the path of juggernauts turning right from Beaufort into Walcott Street.
So much for the CCTV scrutiny of the notorious Mt Lawley intersection.
Filtering such traffic to Walcott Street via Queens Crescent west and Field Street might be less than a perfect solution, yet it would reduce the dangers for all involved, including the gallants.
Such a detour would always signify progress for westward-ho traffic and be less worry for the Vincent Mother, intrepid Alannah MacTiernan.
Queens Crescent westside ratepayers might be nettled, yet this would be nothing compared with its eastside ongoing nightmare. This resulting from the Perth College expansion, courtesy Stirling council.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mount Lawley

NA here to help
NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS is a non-profit community-based organisation for recovering addicts.
We have 31 meetings weekly in the Perth metropolitan and regional areas.
The function of any meeting is always the same: to provide a suitable, reliable and safe environment for personal recovery.  NA members learn from one another how to live drug free and recover from the effects of addiction in their lives.
As a non-profit organisation, many of the meeting venues and other facilities that we utilise have a “not-for-profit” hire rate that we regularly access.
Our decision to hire the RISE venue (Perth Voice, July 27, 2013) was not dependent on receiving a discounted rate. We were informed we could submit an application in writing for a reduction in the venue hire fee, as this is common practice.  Regardless of the outcome, we are looking forward to hosting our annual convention at the venue in Maylands, with around 220 members of the NA community coming together to celebrate and support each other over the three-day event from 16–18 August.
Anyone who wants to stop using drugs may become a member of NA. Those who feel they may have a problem with drugs, legal or illegal, including alcohol, are welcome in Narcotics Anonymous.  Contact us via 9227 6381 or http://www.na.org.au
Vanessa S

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