Enjoy the end in style

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After watching the Seth Rogen comedy This Is the End, we decided to hit the CBD for a late Saturday night meal.

By 9.30pm the streets were groaning with biceps, machismo and cheap aftershave. And that was just us.

You’ll need to check with Margaret and David but I think there were more dicks on Murray Street than in Rogen’s jejune movie.

We bravely went al fresco at The Boheme, a swanky restaurant/bar at the corner of William Street.

The menu was modern Australian (braised lamb, pan-seared duck, beer-battered fish) and included pizzas, platters and char-grilled steaks.

Voice colleague David said his steak sandwich ($22) was streets ahead of some of the shoe-leather snags he’d sampled elsewhere.

“I was surprised when they asked how I wanted the meat: Usually a third-rate cut is used in a steak sanga and it’s then seared into oblivion to hide how cheap it is, but this time around they gladly cooked me up a medium-rare steak and served it nicely pink,” he said.

“The tangy red onion marmalade was a nice bitey foil to the rich house barbecue, and the vegies were obviously all really fresh—a good show.”

From our street-side location we could see Perth’s nightlife in all its neon-lit glory: dresses with hems that ended above the waist, tribal makeup and lots of swearing.

It was like Jersey Shore on acid—a great spot.

My tasting plate ($24) was the size of a trucker’s wheel and dotted with lamb meatballs, arancini, merguez and grilled haloumi.

It looked good, but tasted a bit underwhelming: the cheese was luke-warm and hadn’t being grilled enough and the vegetarian arancini were insipid.

Things improved when I reached the 5pm position on the plate, where I wolfed down the cumin-infused lamb meatballs.

A handful of merguez—spicy North African beef sausage—continued the exotic theme and went well with the refreshing tzatziki.

Having regained her composure—someone had earlier bellowed “Woo!” through a traffic cone in her ear—Bec nibbled her two “sliders” ($19).

“I wasn’t sure what a ‘lamb and beef slider’ until they were served up,” she said. “Turns out they’re tiny burgers: Moist without being too oily, but still packing enough fatty punch to soak up any of the brews that we sample.

“The relish was nicely sweet and not particularly overpowering, and the bread was chewy and dense.”

Bell was impressed with the range of beers on tap but was irked they sold a schooner (425ml) for the same price as a pint (560ml) elsewhere.

On a busy corner, Boheme is a solid bet for a CBD meal and a great spot for people-watching.

I know the Romans didn’t get to Australia, but I’m pretty sure the French did, so why the restaurant is called The Boheme rather than La bohème is a question only Inspector Clouseau can answer.



The Boheme
300 Murray Street, Perth
9338 5251

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