Carey for mayor

05. 793NEWS

• John Carey wants to upgrade parks and playgrounds for mums and bubs like Sally and Iggy Madden. Photo by David Bell

John Carey is running for Vincent mayor.

Founder of the Beaufort Street Network and a co-founder of the hugely popular Beaufort Street festival, Cr Carey says, “we’re really at a critical time for our city”.

With the roll-out of town centre upgrades in various states of completion, Cr Carey says he wants to continue the momentum and keep the upgrades of villages, parks and playgrounds coming in the lead-up to amalgamation with Perth, especially given Vincent’s baby boom.

“We really need a strong voice for local residents and someone who’s prepared to stand up to the government to keep our community together.”

Unlike mentor Alannah MacTiernan, a fierce supporter of Vincent’s capital city amalgamation, Cr Carey’s preference is to keep Vincent as it is. But, bowing to the inevitable, his next preference is merging all of Vincent with Perth and resisting the government’s initial plan to splice half into Stirling.

The 39-year-old environmental consultant has had a busy two years on council. As well as his festival work he initiated a register that allowed same-sex couples to register their relationships with the city. A largely symbolic precursor to what he hopes is equal marriage legislation, it does provide some modicum of official status. He’s also sought to crack down on the number of vacant blocks that plague the city like broken teeth, and proposed a plan for the parking squad to blitz streets where locals were getting parked out by commuters.

He’s called for improvement of the council’s tortuous community consultation system and supports the mayor’s name and shame program for kerb crawlers.

Cr Carey says he’ll be a full-time mayor if elected, and plans to take leave from this week to start knocking on doors.

He’s a Labor party member concerned with equality and worker’s rights. His dad Jack, a meat worker and WWII veteran, was a long-time member.

If elected Cr Carey will continue an unbroken run of Labor party figures—Jack Marks, John Hyde, Nick Catania and Alannah MacTiernan—leading the council from its 1994 formation to its 2015 end.


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