A gorgeous bit of Salvos salvage

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Friday pay day dad would come home from the pub with two treats: a bag of lollies, and a copy of the Salvation Army newspaper The War Cry.

It wasn’t that we unholy kids had an interest in religion, we just enjoyed the colouring-in page.

“Thank God for the Salvos” is an oft-heard phrase and the group has a long and illustrious history, much of it stemming from this 1903-built edifice, once the organisation’s HQ in WA and now protected on state and national heritage lists.

The gorgeous old building was converted into apartments some years ago and this three-bedroom abode is a heaven-sent chance to move into an inner-city home for well below the usual $1 million mark.

The weather was vile when the Voice rocked up to scurry down the lane to the entrance, guarded by a barred gate and solid door.

Grey skies and torrential rain couldn’t dim the potential of the courtyard, with a forest of ivy clinging to soaring aged red-brick walls, high overhead.

The front of this three-storey apartment is glass, from ground-floor to roof pitch, ensuring plenty of light even on a dull, dull day.

Downstairs is open living/dining/kitchen, a cosy space even on a cold day, with golden-timber ceilings and tiled floors.

The second floor houses two of the three bedrooms, one open to the courtyard, and the bathroom.

Keep going and you’ll find the third bedroom, a huge loft room that could be a second lounge or put to any other use you like.

One complete wall is glass, angled to follow the profile of the timbered, cathedral ceiling, and looking into the upper reaches of the ivy.

The former Salvation congress hall is heritage precinct central, with some equally gorgeous buildings all around.

When it comes to a bit of culture, Yirra Yaakin Theatre is right next door.

And for the studious, Curtin University’s business school is across the road.

Living here you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to hitting the night spots, or choosing a restaurant/cafe or bar.

There’s undercover parking for one, but being this central no doubt even that will spend a lot of time in the garage.


9/69 Murray Street, Perth
Jen Jones | 0415 662 622
Pam Herron | 0413 610 660
Beaufort Realty | 9227 0887

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