Catania for Lawley?

12. 795NEWSIt’s the year of the political comeback: First Kevin Rudd and now Nick Catania?

The Voice hears the former Vincent mayor and before that Balcatta state Labor MP will make a tilt for Stirling city council’s Lawley ward at next month’s elections.

“He’s fuming at the government’s plans to make Mt Lawley part of Bayswater,” says a close friend, speaking on condition of anonymity. “He’s really fired up and told me he wants to run.”

When asked directly, Mr Catania refused to say: “I’m not going to confirm or deny it,” the 67-year-old said. “In the past, the Voice had a habit of misrepresenting what I said. Nominations close at the end of the week, so you’ll find out then.”

Mr Catania, who lives on the Mt Lawley side of Alexander Drive, was Vincent mayor from 2001-2011 and Balcatta MP from 1989-1996. If he runs he’ll be up against Cr Rod Willox, a Liberal who’s lived in Mt Lawley for 40 years and has been a councillor for 20.


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