Full Moon will get you howling

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FULL MOON THAI, Mount Lawley:

Once in a blue moon, you stumble upon something rare and unique. Stepping into Full Moon Thai on Walcott Street is such an event. Once inside, you know that you’ve come to a place that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, or ever will see, and where the space is as unique as the food.

While the setting is a lovely mix of trinkets and treasures, the food is authentic Thai with Southeast Asian traditions with an emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with aromatic components including the balance of the four flavours.

There’s sour, sweet, salty and bitter – all equally important but not in equal measures. “Getting the balance right is a bit like walking on a tight rope, and it takes a very skilled Thai chef who understands the proportions between the four elements” say Wad and Rung, owners – operators and husband – wife team. “And then of course, it’s the spice – the spice needs to be just right”. And with a selection of 10 different chillies to use from, Full Moon Thai has their spice down to an art.

Other spices include ginger, garlic, tamarinds, holy basil and peanuts, to name a few, and are all mixed together; it’s a complexity to delight in. For example, the Red Duck Curry with lychees and basil stands out and the Sweet and Sour Prawns is a definite favourite amongst the regulars.

Weather spicy or sweet, the sophisticated harmony of the flavours blends into a delicious whole. “There’s nothing random about a perfectly cooked Thai dish” says Wad. “It’s carefully balanced, down to the pinch”. All dishes are expertly put together by Wad who has over 20 years of experience in the kitchen drawn from a culinary wisdom gathered over generations.

With its unique and anomalous setting, Full Moon Thai is perfect for dine in or take away. Don’t wait around for the next blue moon – step in, take a seat and enjoy.

Open 7 days – 5 to 10pm.


Full Moon Thai
310 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley
Phone 9271 2603

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