Maier for mayor?

Dudley Maier says he’s considering a run for mayor of Vincent.

“The next couple of years are going to be really critical for our community,” he says.

“I think the writing’s on the wall that there’s going to be change. The people who think we can stay separate as Vincent are living in fairyland.

“We need someone who’s apolitical and can work for the benefit of the community.”

His number one preference “in a perfect world” is to keep Vincent as it is, but given premier Colin Barnett’s announced he only wants 14 metro councils Cr Maier says the pragmatic approach is to lobby for all of Vincent to go into Perth rather than be split down the middle.

With that, he mirrors fellow Cr John Carey, an ALP member already running for mayor (and who’s secured the backing of incumbent Alannah MacTiernan).

Cr Maier says his decision will be “partly about who else might be running”.

Whispers are doing the rounds that Labor-aligned Izzi Messina might also run and Greens-supporter Ian Ker is another tip (though the former councillor this week poured cold water on the suggestion).

While Cr Maier says he’d “rather not comment about other people”, he did say that as a non-party aligned mayor he’d have the best chance of negotiating with the state government over mergers.

“We’re going to have to … deal with state government, and it has to be seen as apolitical.

“I think when you negotiate with someone who’s holding all the cards you have to treat them with respect and argue on the merits of the case and not along party lines.”

Cr Maier, who turns 60 next year, is the longest-serving member on the council, having been elected in 2005. He says he has a history of closely scrutinising financial figures and keeping rates low, and a good track record on environmental and planning issues.


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