P&C pres in race

07. 797NEWSNorth Perth primary P&C president Kirstyn Johnson has nominated for Vincent’s hotly contested north ward, saying she wants to expand her work in the community.

As part of the P&C team she’s fought hard for safety improvements in the area, including getting the school crossing for Charles Street (a problem that had lingered for 20-odd years).

“I love a good letter to a politician!” Ms Johnson says. “I wrote letters to everyone I’d ever heard off. My husband joked that I got a PhD in road safety.”

With Ms Johnson at the helm the P&C also secured a school zone for View Street, getting new local MP Eleni Evangel on board to bend the Barnett government’s ear and slow speeding cars.

She also helped turn around the ailing Loftus Community Centre, which was deep in deficit when Ms Johnson and a couple of others joined the management community.

Ms Johnson says if elected she’ll support festivals, cultural events, farmers’ markets and continued investment in play spaces, as well as pedestrian and cycling access, describing Vincent as having “a walking culture”.

Retiring councillor Dudley Maier, who’s done an eight-year stretch at Vincent and is looking forward to parole, reckons Ms Johnson’s the best person for the job: “I’ve seen her work in the community at the Loftus Community Centre and the North Perth primary school and she’s just done a fantastic job in both of those roles and never sought any recognition.”

He says she worked tirelessly to secure the crossing.

“She just didn’t give up: She persisted and understood how you have to deal with state government bureaucracy and she organised well.

“I’d be very comfortable with her representing me.”

Ms Johnson, who has three kids, says she hopes there’s a big voter turnout. A supporter of the campaign to merge a united Vincent with Perth, she’s optimistic the plebiscite asking residents about mergers will encourage more people to send in their council ballots.


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