Poor poets

A TASSIE victor
for the Perth haiku contest
local poets snubbed

WA didn’t rate in the top three winners of the Perth city library’s haiku competition, nor in the top three “special mentions”. Ron C Moss from Tasmania took the top gong, and third and second place went to NSW poets. The three special mentions went to a Queenslander, another NSWer, and Tassie’s Ron Moss got another thumbs up. Hardcore haiku composer David Cohen (a journo at the Subiaco Post) entered five poems in the contest and says the result is “a savage kick in the guts for local haiku writers”.

“I was so sickened that I wrote a haiku after I saw the news of who’d won,” he said:

“Eyes stinging, hurting
Little poems have less worth
Sick as a sick koi.”


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