Mayor sued over dinner speech

Bayswater mayor Terry Kenyon is being sued by two councillors for discussing a confidential Supreme Court legal settlement at a council dinner, in front of more than 100 guests that included politicians and business leaders.

Guests sat stunned at the mayoral dinner as Cr Kenyon boasted he’d won the case against councillors Mike Anderton and Mike Sabatino and allegedly revealed some settlement details. In July the warring parties had agreed to confidentially settle the bitter and protracted case.


Cr Anderton and his wife squirmed in their seats as heads turned in their direction following the mayor’s address. The Voice understands several clients of Cr Anderton, an insurance adviser, were at the dinner. Cr Sabatino was not present.

Bassendean mayor John Gangell says the comments were inappropriate for a civic function: “Personally, it’s not something I would have brought up in a speech at a mayoral dinner or city function,” he says.

“You’re basically broadcasting to the people that there is disunity in the council. His comments took me by surprise.”

Crs Anderton and Sabatino are now suing for damages.

“A writ has been issued out of the district court,” says lawyer John Hammond. “The writ claims damages against the mayor. The damages claim for breach of a settlement agreement. The court will assess what the appropriate damages are.”


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