15. 800LETTERSSmall is beautiful
WE would really like the City of Vincent to stay intact and without merging. We had previously been with the City of Perth and felt neglected. Now we feel part of a community as Vincent has enabled its residents in this.
We are aware that as a community we have few rights as these reside with corporations and states, and that democracy is in name only.  It seems that merging of councils will make it easier for our limited rights to be more easily over-ruled.
Small is beautiful” and in so many areas of life we have found this to be the case.
Allen & Mary Droste
Edinboro St,  Mt Hawthorn

Puppy love
AS Bob Dylan inimitably tells us, the times they are a changing.
Note, for example, the changes brought about by social media in the approach to local government election campaigns.
Particularly in mind, Sally Palmer’s attempt to return to faction-riven Bayswater city council.
Ms Palmer has introduced another intriguing factor that, while unrelated directly to social media, seems likely to touch a popular chord—puppy love (Voice, October 5, 2013).
Will this help catch enough votes to secure for her the south ward seat?
Patience, folks. Time will tell.
Bill Proude
First Ave, Mount Lawley

One truth
I HAVE been reading with great interest about the calibre and offerings of my opponents and would-be successors in the Vincent council chamber and mostly I am drawn to one truth—at this critical time, Vincent needs experienced people at the table.
I have seen people campaigning about schools and education (state government matters), CAT buses (with a multi-million dollar price tag), zebra crossings (which Main Roads confirms are death traps) and free wifi (already agreed to and actioned by the council).
If both Cr Buckels and I are defeated on Saturday October 19 the most experienced people in the room will have been in their chair for only two years.
I remain opposed to forced amalgamations, but with a state government imposed date of July 1, 2015 looming as D-day, I ask that Voice readers please think about how long it takes someone to settle into their role as a councillor. For me, it was at least 12 months and I have observed the same with my colleagues.
Please, don’t get me wrong—fresh ideas and innovation are critical for any organisation, and with only two incumbents running the community will be guaranteed new faces. However, at this critical juncture for local government and particularly Vincent, I firmly believe the experience and understanding I offer the community is worth voting for.
Josh Topelberg
Candidate, City of Vincent
South Ward

Party pooper
COUNCIL elections end October 19, 2013. In light of our recent experience in Vincent it would be good if voters considered voting for a candidate with no affiliation to any political party. We need genuine local representation, not someone there to boost his or her political career.
Z Han
Bulwer St, Highgate

Merge now!
LAST week acting Vincent mayor John Carey takes a shot at the Perth lord mayor and PCC when, quite rightly, Lisa Scaffidi voices her disappointment that more due diligence instead of  emotionally-charged rallies has not occurred.
Vincent council has spent more than $50,000 of ratepayers’ money so far on a cause that only about 20 per cent of its constituents seem to agree with. With a “specialist consultant” soon to be thrown into the mix, this figure is sure to blow out even more.
I am a passionate business owner in Leederville. I care enough about my community to be at every council meeting, having my say and questioning the all-too-often poor decisions of Vincent staff. I take offence to your claim “there is almost total support” for your campaign to oppose the planned mergers.
I support the proposed mergers and so do many others in Vincent. The current system that allows discretion by a group of people hardly qualified to be making the sort of decisions that can affect someone’s livelihood does not work.
Far from being open and transparent, it is full of behind-closed-doors decisions with a total lack of community consultation.
You don’t listen to the people, especially those who do not share your point of view. In fact, you gag those who oppose you, a fact I know firsthand after being banned from your Facebook pages.
My frustration with a council and a system that does not work is all the motivation I need to say anything is better than what we have now. Stop spending my money on your self-serving campaign. Bring on change.
Debbie Saunders
Oxford St, Leederville
The Ed says: This letter has been cut for length and legal reasons.

Vote to save Vincent
PERTH city council has formally rejected taking in all of Vincent (Perth Voice, October 5, 2013)—no surprise there after recent statements and events.
Congratulations, though, to Cr Jim Adamos for at least bringing some logic into the debate in contrast to the “cherry-picking” approach demonstrated by the lord mayor and other Perth councillors.
We all need to consider very carefully what this means for the Vincent plebiscite. Premier Colin Barnett has said all of Vincent could go to Perth if the two councils could agree—clearly, they cannot.
So the only way forward is with a strong vote in favour of not abolishing the City of Vincent (Question 2).
As regards Question 1, it now appears to be largely academic, but logic dictates we should still favour the option that keeps all of Vincent together — and stuff the City of Perth and whether it wants all of us or not.
Lisa Scaffidi obviously considers what we in the community think is of no importance—it’s all about the bureaucrats and a small number of council members. I am very pleased to see acting Vincent mayor John Carey giving the lie to Scaffidi’s arrogant assertion you can’t do due diligence at the same time as involving the community.
I love the vernacular used, too—chewing gum and walking at the same time. I guess that sums up the difference between Vincent and Perth—our diversity enables us to multi-task, whereas Perth is all about big business.
Be warned, members of the Vincent community, this is the sort of approach you’ll get to community involvement if we end up in the City of Perth. In the plebiscite, vote to retain Vincent.
Ian Ker
Vincent St, Mt Lawley
The Ed says: Mr Ker was an inaugural Vincent councillor and served for 14 years, retiring in 2009.

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