Cole tops poll

It was a nail-biter for the Vincent mayoralty last weekend, with John Carey scraping in with just 87.12 per cent of the vote (2765 votes). Cough, cough.

Defeated Angelo Merlacco (381 votes) was magnaminous and gutsy, saying Mr Carey had done a good job as a councillor and would make a great mayor.

A protege of former mayor now federal Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan, the new mayor credited his stunning result to old-fashioned doorknocking and on-the-ground campaigning: “I really wanted to put myself before the voters so they could examine what I stood for,.

“We’re at a pivotal time for Vincent with the threat of amalgamation,” Mr Carey says.

“I want a strong council that’s responsive to the needs of the community.

“I’m really looking forward to the next two years despite what looms, and it’s onwards and upwards.”

In north ward newcomer Emma Cole pulled in 1290 votes, outpolling every other candidate: She’d run on a platform of improving community consultation and had the backing of Ms MacTiernan and the Mt Hawthorn primary school community. She was elected with a whopping 254-vote margin.

Cr Matt Buckels, seeking re-election, looked nervous early on but he went on to comfortably win the second ward seat on offer (1036 votes).

In south ward Cr Josh Topelberg (1391 votes) was re-elected to the top spot while Mr Carey’s running mate Laine McDonald (1226 votes) took the second south ward seat.

Cr Topelberg says Mr Carey’s vote and the return of himself and Cr Buckels shows people are generally satisfied with the council’s direction.

Australian Communist Party president Vinnie Molina garnered 246 votes in south ward, 46 votes more than Glenn Christie who took out the overall wooden spoon.


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