Seaplane noise test a ‘success’

09. 802NEWSA flat glassy Swan, few boats, birds and not a dolphin in sight.

Within a rod’s throw from shore, trust officers and marine and aviation authorities meet on the water to witness the temporary disturbance of Perth’s iconic river.

On cue, the single-engine Cessna prepares to land flying up the river from Crawley where seaplanes berthed during World War Two.

The roar of the engines as the plane touches down on the surface of the water is picked up by nearby monitors in South Perth.

Catalina Airlines, which conducted the noise tests, says the levels recorded were about 12 decibels below those recommended by the department of environment and conservation.

It wants to operate two seaplanes—the Cessna for 10 passengers and a twin-engine Grumman Albatross G111 for up to 24 passengers.

They will fly to Rottnest, the Abrolhos islands off Geraldton, Mandurah, Margaret River and other sightseeing, diving and snorkelling destinations in WA.

The noise tests are a hurdle to cross before the company is issued with a licence to operate on the Swan.

The Swan River Trust board meets next month to consider the proposal to launch WA’s latest tourism venture.


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