Vincent votes to stay alive

Vincent voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the abolition of their city.

In a plebiscite run alongside last weekend’s council elections, a whopping 77 per cent (4564) answered “no” to the question “do you agree the City of Vincent should be abolished”.

The landslide vote is a slap in the face to premier Colin Barnett’s plan to make Vincent disappear.

If the city is to be abolished, 90 per cent prefer amalgamation with Perth, with just 10 per cent voting for a division of the city between Perth and Stirling, the option first mooted by WA local government minister Tony Simpson.

There are 21,102 eligible electors in Vincent but just 30 per cent bothered to vote.

New mayor John Carey says ballots were issued late, which may have affected the response.

“I will be asking the council that we write to the WA electoral commission because I was strongly disappointed with how late the ballots got out,” he told the Voice.

“From my reading of it we were one of the last councils [to get ballots out].”

He says the ballots were also complex and some of Vincent’s older residents who speak English as a second language had trouble with the forms. Others have said the fact there was both a state and federal election in 2013 had contributed to voter fatigue.


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