Letters 2.11.13

12. 803LETTERSDiligence long overdue
ARE we about to endure “due diligence” being a vogue phrase? What’s it mean? Well, er, yenno…I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you…
Thus, an imagined dialogue with, for example, a local councillor. How many of them, one wonders, can offer without hesitation a succinct definition without resorting to Google?
And one also ponders: how many councillors have a dictionary at home or at work?
While Google is handy and often a blessing, its spellings, being American are—I’ll be kind here—often curious.
Our Macquarie Dictionary, the OED and Ephraim Chambers exercise and radiate throughout comforting due diligence: the process of acquiring objective and reliable information.
Objective and reliable local councils, eh? With mergers in the offing? Hmm.
Daisy Smuten
Goderich St, Perth

Brutally hot memories
RECENTLY I heard from relatives in Runcorn, Cheshire, England that my niece, her husband and their teenage children are emigrating to Perth.
This reminds me of my two visits to Fremantle in November of 1949 and about April 1951, as a seaman, when most immigrants to Australia arrived by ship, and all would have disembarked at Fremantle.
As a seaman I was lucky on my first arrival at Fremantle by not being on duty and being able to wander around the town. I recall it was a brutally hot day and I had no bathing suit in order to go for a swim.
At the beach I happened on some children enjoying the pleasure of the sand and water, and I persuaded the oldest boy of this group of five children to swap for a few minutes his swimming trunks for my long pants.
At the end of my swim I took a photo of this obliging group of local children, photo enclosed, with the boy on the left of the shot wearing my long trousers.
These local Fremantle children in 1949 look to be about in ages from five to 14, which places them now around 69 to 78 years of age.
Should you publish this letter and photo and any of these once-children recognise themselves and wish to contact me, I would send them a copy of this 1949 photo.
Charles Leslie Hayter
816-17 Brimley Road
(St George Manor)
Scarborough, Ontario
MIM 3T8, Canada
PS: That’s quite a poet you have by the name of Henry Lawson.

Parking far from fine
I AM very disappointed in the way Vincent CEO John Giorgi and some of his staff handle a simple parking ticket.
I wish they would stop harassing my invalid sister, who is also a ratepayer of many years. The staff need to show some respect to disabled pensioners. I am also surprised how much time/money they already waste corresponding about the issue.
I was disgusted with their bullying tactics and hiding behind the fines enforcement registry. Their desperate attempts to force people into paying fine even when it is not justified.
Ratepayers are prevented from making any critical comment on the council’s Facebook page! I would like to hear from your readers if they can share some of their experiences. Some of these people must learn not to bite the hands that feed them. I wonder how Vincent rates among other shires/councils?
A Ismailjee
Lord St, Highgate

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