LETTERS 16.11.13

Powerless poor
THE WA chamber of commerce and industry is pushing the Barnett government to further increase electricity charges “to meet the real costs”. But what about the “real costs” to consumers who cannot now afford to pay their exorbitant accounts? “Oh, to hell with the poor: let them do without electricity!”
William Booth
Queen St, Bentley

Lawn is lazy
THE article “Garden flattened” (Voice, November 2, 2013) demonstrates how a state government authority like Water Corporation without any empathy or connections with the local community can indiscriminately destroy the native verge garden created by the local resident.
The spokesperson for the corporation then has the audacity to state “we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused” so how does the owner feel about all the good work destroyed by Water Corporation in a matter of minutes and the latter actually promotes “waterwise gardens!”
Plant waterwise gardens and we will then quite “innocently” destroy them!
When standing as a candidate in recent local and state government elections and walking around our suburbs I could only notice endless grass verges along all our streetscapes. What a waste of resources—fertilisers, watering, weeding and mowing!
As responsible citizens we need to mobilise ourselves to confront higher temperatures in the near future and insulate ourselves from an additional two degrees or more in summer temperatures…one of the answers lies in a complete shift to replacing endless grass verges with verges planted with native plants and a tree canopy that will help reduce the urban heat affect, will create mini ecosystems and will bring back our local native birds.
Now is the time for local governments in conjunction with community groups to educate the general populace to start insulating our suburbs from the massive impact of climate change and global warming. Perth is located in a “biodiversity hotspot” so the time to replace lawns with native plants is now so get on with it!
Wayne Monks
Western Region Environment
Network (WREN)
Bushey Rd, Wembley Downs

Panto pleasure
WHAT splendid council-mergers pantomime images (Voice, November 9, 2013). More, more, more.
Is Premier Colin Barnett’s coffee cup on its way up or down? Maybe he’s found a popular mergers’ solution in reading the grains.
This as Perth MP Eleni Evangel wonders how on Mars to decline a sip from the cup without giving offence to her leader.
Meanwhile, Vincent café owner Izzi Messina—if he is?—averts his face to avoid it being splashed.
And then there’s the expression of Perth’s saviour, lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi (inset) that seems to say “they’ve gotta be, jus’ gotta be, jokin’”.
Of course, Mr Barnett’s smile also suggests that Izzi’s coffee is second to none with only competing baristas offering dissent.
Believe it, folks. Top panto.
Always your servant, Sir,
Charlie Benskin
C/o The Cappuccino Club
Jacob’s Ladder, Kings Park

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