Inner-city life comes with noise

• Bree Maddox—is concerned new residents will complain about noise from her nearby bar.

• Bree Maddox—is concerned new residents will complain about noise from her nearby bar.

A HIGH-RISE apartment tower planned for Beaufort Street has attracted the ire of the nearby Court Hotel.

Court owner Bree Maddox wrote to the Perth development assessment panel, concerned complaints from new residents about noise and behaviour could spell doom for her iconic gay bar.

The Court has a closing time at 2am, which has never been the subject of a complaint, but the former Penthouse pet is concerned newcomers may tut and fuss.

“Bringing residents into the area creates the potential for objectors which, if the result is we are unable to renew these permits, would be financially devastating for our business,” Ms Maddox wrote.

Owned by Northbridge Centre Custodian Services, the trio of towers will feature two commercial buildings and a 27-storey block with 144 units and 88 serviced apartments.

The application was due to go in front of the DAP Thursday, where Perth councillors James Limnios and Rob Butler were to determine its fate along with unelected members Paul Kotsoglo, Brian Curtis and Terry Tyzack.

Planning staffers advised that to minimise complaints, all new residents should be warned about “noise and other adverse impacts” so they know what they’re getting into.

They also recommended the buildings be constructed to block the bulk of the noise from the 100-year-old pub.


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