Letters 30.11.13

14. 807LETTERSInglebaysy? Yeah, baby!
THE Stirling mayor and councillors are out of touch with the mood in Inglewood regarding the transfer of Inglewood to the proposed Bayswater-Bassendean council.
How many Inglewood residents care if Scarborough Beach is redeveloped using ratepayer funds? Inglewood ratepayers’ funds should be spent to benefit the people of Inglewood.
Inglewood is one of the “outer colonies” of the City of Stirling. It is a 45-minute drive to the Stirling council offices. It’s a bit like Canberra presiding over WA government affairs.
Most residents of Inglewood see the terrific revitalisation of the Maylands precinct and wonder why Stirling has done so little to inject life into the Inglewood town centre. If Stirling bothered to ask, it would find many Inglewood residents in favour of moving councils.
The unbelievable proposal to demolish the IGA supermarket in the Inglewood town centre and replace it with a five-storey block of flats shows just how out of touch Stirling is with the residents of Inglewood. Incredibly, the City of Stirling thinks it is a good idea.
Graeme Cocks
Ninth Ave, Inglewood

Story cut deep
I WAS appalled to read (Voice, November 23, 2013) of the callous destruction of the love-locks of Claisebrook Cove Bridge. “Unromantic” is not the word I should choose to describe so gross an act of vandalism.
I can’t believe Perth city council’s contracted painters routinely carry bolt cutters round in their kit. Someone must have given the order. Time for an admission, an explanation and an apology I should think.
William Dixon Smith
York, UK

Locals v liquor
WOOLWORTHS is proposing to open a huge discount liquor barn on the Peninsula Tavern site opposite the Maylands train station.
The Maylands community fought against a similar proposal by Coles on Guildford Road several years ago and won, despite Coles taking its argument to the Supreme Court.
The same objections are made in regard to this new proposal: Maylands has enough packaged liquor outlets, with four within walking distance of the proposed site (BWS, Liquorlands Maylands, Cellarbrations at CJay’s and  the site under discussion, Peninsula Tavern).
There are 16 licensed outlets within a 2km radius of the town centre and liquor-fuelled anti-social behaviour remains a problem in Maylands.
There are three residential centres in this suburb catering for people with alcohol-related problems. The community has approved the Maylands activity centre plan for the site which is for residential, shops and a family-friendly tavern.
What is not wanted nor needed is a large liquor barn with its known problems.  Ask anyone living near one of these outlets in other suburbs—it’s bad news! We need to act now! Contact MLA Lisa Baker with your objections—don’t let beautiful Maylands be known as the “swim through suburb” in terms of its liquor availability.
Jan Wheare
Wall St, Maylands

Urgent, but not
WHILST reluctant to let the facts get in the way of a good story, to imply I saw no urgency in funds getting to the Philippines (Voice, November 23, 2013) is plain wrong. Clearly there is.
My debate centered over whether the item could be tabled at the meeting by being deemed “urgent business”. The Standing Orders state under 4.6 (1) an item may be deemed as such only when, “if not dealt with at the meeting, are likely to i) have a significant adverse effect (financially or otherwise) on the local government; or (ii) result in contravention of a written law”.
At the time of debate I failed to see how the donation motion qualified under either of those rules and hence qualified for discussion at that meeting as opposed to the one in three weeks’ time.
Cr Chris Cornish
City of Bayswater

Climate carers
I SET off to attend the climate action rally on Sunday November 17, 2013 with a heavy heart, as it seems people no longer care…I thought it would be pointless.
Boy, was I wrong. Thousands of people of all ages dressed in hot summer colours crowded Russell Square. The passion of the speakers (including a firefighter, a pastor, a scientist and Labor and Greens politicians—no show from Julie Bishop) and the enthusiasm of the crowd made me realise how many people out there feel the same as me.
It was inspiring and uplifting.
One fact presented that made a big impact on me: in our area of latitude, for each celsius degree of warming the climate zone will shift about 300km south. This means that within 60 years Margaret River will have Perth’s climate, and Perth will have Carnarvon’s. This will be life for our children.
Another important reminder (from the pastor—he brought his whole Sunday congregation to the rally instead of having a church service!): Don’t depend on politicians to take the lead. It’s up to us as individuals to show leadership now and make them listen. And one way is to withdraw your superannuation and bank savings from entities that invest in fossil fuels!
Linda Simonis
Federation St, Perth

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