7 supports sexist ‘sport’

• One of the many photos of barely-dressed women’s behinds you can find on the Legends Football League’s website.

• One of the many photos of barely-dressed women’s behinds you can find on the Legends Football League’s website.

THE lingerie football league has been branded sexist and damaging to women’s sport by a Vincent local calling for games at Perth Oval to be scrapped.

Michelle Dean told councillors, “the LFL require bikini photos of their potential players before they’re accepted”.

“They’re required to sign an ‘accidental nudity’ clause if they want to be part of the team.

“A little bit of research will show the incidences of accidental nudity are quite high in any game.

“This sends a very dangerous message to women: This message grooms young women to accept that nudity is a reasonable condition if they want to have the same opportunity as their male counterparts. What a toxic mix to negotiate.

“Although they have rebranded themselves to the Legends Football League, it has not changed from the goal of the founder to combine sex and sport, and this is by his own admission.”

Ms Dean said the LFL had been misclassified as a sport, which meant easy approval to perform at Perth oval.

“The LFL are not a sport. The Australian Sports Commission is on the record saying the LFL does not meet the criteria of fairness, responsibility and safety.

“The Australian Women’s Sport and Recreation Association is on record as saying the LFL is sexist and demeaning to women.”

She’s calling on the council to demand the Barnett government review the LFL’s approval to play at Perth Oval.

Mayor John Carey said the council wasn’t involved in that decision, but on face value he personally agreed with Ms Dean’s assessment.

“We want to encourage young women in sport, but from what was stated last night you wouldn’t classify that as sport.”

Mr Carey said her request for the council to lobby the WA government would have to go to a vote.

A change.org petition has 3000 signatures calling on Channel 7—owned by WA billionaire Kerry Stokes—to cancel broadcasting the LFL, but 7’s sticking to its guns calling it “a genuine sport”.


One response to “7 supports sexist ‘sport’

  1. Perhaps the Mayor should contact the Management & Players of the Western Australian Angels & get their side of the story before passing judgement.

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