Plug pulled

THE Water Corporation has pulled the plug on its $150 million facelift in Leederville, announcing the project has been “indefinitely delayed”.

Vincent council had approved the massive project in October 2011, allowing the Water Corp to knock down its two-storey HQ and build six towers, each between 10 and 27 storeys tall.

These were to feature restaurants, offices, shops, 240 units, parking blocks and a child care centre. But as time wore on no ground was broken, and corporation spokesperson Jaselyn O’Sullivan now says the plan is “indefinitely delayed … and is unlikely to go ahead in the current economic climate which could mean a potential delay of a number of years”.

Ms O’Sullivan says it was “under contract with a buyer for the site however this contract did not proceed to settlement due to reasons on the buyer’s behalf”.

“Other options were considered however Water Corporation made the decision not to proceed with the development at this time due to a change in market conditions.”

Vincent mayor John Carey says “it’s disappointing when you see major projects from the private or government sector not proceed, but at the same time we’re making things happen and the future of Leederville is bright”.

He says Leederville had several big wins through the week with the council approving:

• a new farmer’s market, which received widespread support from the public gallery;

• in principle support for a new nature playground;

• $260,000 upgrades to Newcastle Street with a spruced up road and new trees going in;

• a contractor chosen for the new $225,000 playground on Oxford Street Reserve.

“If I talk about things that are really going to change Leederville, it’s what we approved last night, not waiting on a major development that quite frankly there were various views on,” Mr Carey says.


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