Oh, my word!


• Vincent council has stopped paying for this public art project, unhappy with the way it’s looking. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

THE Beaufort Street lettering artwork is sitting dormant while Vincent city council and the developer negotiate the final details.

The council has paid Bremick Group part of the $133,000 for the project, but the Voice understands the rest of the cash is being withheld till it looks more like the approved plan.

Ken Sealey is the artist Bremick contracted. He says he finished his part of the work way back in November but the letters have been sitting there with a fence around them for almost two months now.

Mayor John Carey says, “the City of Vincent is not satisfied with the delivery of the project”.

“We are now in contract negotiations with the project manager, which is Bremick, regarding the final delivery.

“Personally I want to see this resolved as quickly as possible, but I have to make sure that ratepayers’ interests are looked after and we ensure that the project is completed as detailed.”

The budget for the Hollywood-style lettering has already blown out from $95,000 to $133,000.

We contacted Bremick for comment but it was still closed from new year’s.


One response to “Oh, my word!

  1. So instead of a beautiful native garden that was there, more concrete announcing the street name put up in front of a car park. And 40000 over budget.

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