Plant yourself down and enjoy

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OLIVER TWIST and the orphans sang Food Glorious Food in the musical version of Dickens’ classic novel. (Oliver Twist and the Orphans? Good name for a boy band).

Veggie Mama, in Mt Lawley, is to vegetarians what steak and pudding must have been to the hungry mites in the London poor house: Heaven.

Since turning vegetarian I have never been surrounded by such choice, and not a morsel of meat to be seen.

And all of it so healthy I could feel my cholesterol plummetting.

Dancing from foot to foot at such luxuriousness I gazed at glistening savoury pastries, various patties and mouthwatering salads in the cold display cabinet, before taking in the pastas, curries, stuffed spuds (with rennet-free cheese), casseroles and colourful ratatouille in the hot buffet.

My lunch companion is a Veggie Mama regular, but she wasn’t much help as she reckons everything is great.

Playing for time I ordered a deliciously fresh beetroot, apple and celery juice ($6.50).

My mind clarified, it was the coconut curry and a serve of ratatouille for me.

At the risk of coconut overload I added a coconut coleslaw—and a broccoli salad. All up this generous serve of hot and cold food came to a very budget-conscious $15.95.

My companion ordered a similar dish, but with a vegetable casserole with her ratatouille.

The coconut curry was great, creamy, moist and flavoursome, but the ratatouille was the real winner, the best I’ve ever had, wonderfully oily, with a beautiful tomato-tartness that lingered on the tongue.

The trouble with dining with a nutritionist/fitness nut is the guilt factor if you over-do it, vis a vis eating.

So I surreptitiously grabbed a couple of raspberry tarts to go ($6.50) and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet creamy custard and sharp berries with my extremely non-judgemental loved one in the privacy of my own home.

The owners of Veggie Mama started out 25 years ago with The Granary in Barrack Street, Perth, offering customers the chance to enjoy “yummy” vegetarian food.

Veggie Mama is the same premise, just different premises.

Although today the food is organic and locally sourced where possible, the coffee Fairtrade, the kitchen strictly kosher, no food is fried and there are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.


Veggie Mama
567 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley
9227 1910 

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