LETTERS 18.1.14

11. 813LETTERSDog of a story
JUST wanted to express my opinion towards a terrible piece of journalism I read in your newspaper (“Hot dogs can die,” Voice, January 11, 2014).
This story was completely fabricated. It was hugely exaggerated by a woman who wanted to get her name in the paper.  I personally know the woman whose dog was in the photo—she told me how Katrina Montaut attacked her in Brumby’s.
Had you taken the time to get her side of the story you would know that she went in to run a quick errand, not leave her dog in the heat for an extended period. She loves that dog, it is her world, she would never place her in danger.
The victim of this article is not the dog, it is the poor elderly woman your paper has made a mockery of. Why should the Voice believe Katrina Montaut’s story? How can you print that incriminating photo without knowing the real facts?
The Voice was not there, you’re going off hearsay by a former politician who wants to look like a hero. Doesn’t  a paper with integrity get both sides of a story before putting it in the paper for all to see?
I strongly agree with the cause, as a dog owner and lover and I think this issue should be addressed but to point a finger without knowing the facts is disgusting.
This poor lady is devastated and probably not wanting to leave her house because of this.  It’s just not fair.  She deserves a personal apology as well as a public one in your paper.
T Thornton
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The Ed says: We believe we conveyed the story fairly. If the lady in question has an alternative point of view we’d be happy to talk to her.

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