LETTERS 25.1.14


12 814LETTERSNo pedals in walkies
I AM very pleased Vincent council and Mayor Carey are planning to extend the bike paths (“Bucket list”, Voice, January 18, 2014)—the story was full of good news for local residents.
What a shame, though, that the image attached showed an illegal activity—namely riding a bike with a dog attached on a lead.
It’s a bit like a police show with the cop talking on their phone while in pursuit. Not a good example.
Ian Hawkshaw
Britannia Rd, Mt Hawthorn
The Ed says: Bzzzt….wrong. The Chook trawled through WA’s traffic laws and found that while a drunken canter on a pony is a no-no, you are still allowed to have up to two leashed animals on a bike (or any other non-motorised vehicle). WA was supposed to be adopting national laws outlawing doggy pedals, but it doesn’t seem to have made it onto the books yet.

Hanging around
CLEARLY the fun has gone from federal politics. As a floating voter, I can’t wait for the next hung federal parliament.
Prime minister Tony Abbott just might, generally, be doing a good job. We ought to be aware, however, that most of us are only able to judge his performance in the light of his two immediate predecessors in the office.
One notes that the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, and the environment minister, Greg Hunt, have quickly become Mr Abbott’s leading disaster areas.
Bill Proude
First Ave, Mt Lawley

Hot under the collar
WHY is it that whenever a B-lister or worse whispers in your ear you publish, but real public issues never make it?
I care deeply for animals and agree with the sentiment of the article “Hot dogs can die” (Voice January 11, 2014); it is very important for owners of any animal to be aware of the dangers of leaving animals unattended.
Why not let the public gain understanding of the issue rather than plastering the article with Katrina Montaut’s name and half truths of this incident on your pages.
The first sign of heat stroke in dogs is heavy panting, followed by difficult breathing and then vomiting. The final stages of heat stroke are very unpleasant, and are too graphic to write about.
When looking at the photo attached this dog doesn’t seem to be stressed and looks quite happy waiting for it’s owner to return. I can’t see any signs of heat stroke.
I recognise this dog from local parks and know its owner would do anything for it (as most dog owners would).
I also understand that it is a hard situation when faced with seeing a dog in a car and the natural human emotional response that follows.
I first heard of this incident from Ms Montaut’s Facebook page, where she’d posted a close-up photo of the dog owner and plastered a nearly slanderous warning.
So to Katrina Montaut, please stop using this incident as a PR stunt and have a little more decorum when dealing with a member of the public in the future.
Queens Cres, Mt Lawley
The Ed says: Are you suggesting people wait until dogs are in distress before they take action, Sassy? 

Bin blast
IN regards to birds eating out of dumpsters behind restaurants in Mt Lawley, it is not just Nando’s dumpster that gets raided by the ravens and ibises, which scatter garbage everywhere.
Dumpsters and bins shared by Mary St Bakery and a neighbouring restaurant, as well as increasingly overflowing bins down a lane near a big Chinese restaurant get loads of ravens and ibises scattering garbage everywhere.
Overflowing bins and dumpsters stink and attract vermin such as rats, cockroaches and flies to bread and spread disease. Health authorities do next to nothing to stop this public health hazard. Brickbats to all the incompetent bureaucrats and brickbats to all the uncaring eateries’ staff.
Walcott St, Mt Lawley 

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