Not so boss

04 814NEWSA UNITED STATES printer has left local Bruce Springsteen fans out of pocket after pulling the pin on a t-shirt they had designed featuring their hero.

Members of Perth’s Springsteen fan club had come up with the design—a silhouette of the New Jersey muso against the Perth skyline—and were having them printed by Spreadshirt.

About 100 people got their shirts before Spreadshirt pulled the plug, telling fans “we cannot process your shirt with this design unless you can provide legal documentation stating that you have the right and or permission to use this specific design”. The company didn’t say whether it had been threatened with copyright breaches by Springsteen’s management company.

Simon from the fan club says he’s told Spreadshirt “we’re promoting his brand, not infringing it” but they wouldn’t budge. Spreadshirt said they’d only print them if they didn’t have the words “Bruce Springsteen” on them.

The design was adapted from photo taken by a fan of Sprinsteen performing at the Superbowl, with Perth’s skyline superimposed onto the foreground.

Fans who’d already forked out for the shirts but didn’t receive them are trying to get refunds.

Graham Atkinson posted on the club’s Facebook page that he was “pretty devastated. [I] was going to wear it with such pride”.

Simon says fans all over the world print their own shirts, and die-hards will still buy the official merchandise.

He’s now trying to get in touch with the Boss’s PR handlers to get the thumbs up to print more shirts, but with two weeks to go he’s yet to hear back.


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