Boothey picks up award

03. 815NEWSFOR 20 years Dave Boothey has been a regular sight in North Perth, picking up rubbish, cleaning the streets and doing odd jobs for local businesses.

This week his long-time service to the community was recognised with the Vincent active citizen award.

The upbeat local retired in 1993 after working for Westrail’s sleeper team for 18 years.

But instead of sitting back and relaxing Mr Boothey kept his hands busy doing odd jobs for local shops like taking their bins out and sweeping up. In return he gets a few snacks for free.

“Milk’d gives me drinks, Metrio gives me milkshakes and a cake on a Thursday!” he told the Voice.

Maylands man Timothy Benson, secretary of Central 55 homeless services, picked up the Bayswater citizenship award for his work breaking the cycle of homelessness.

For five years he’s been involved in the organisation, turning the struggling body into a big player in the sector.

In Perth council’s awards, Marina Del Basso from the Australian Performing Arts Network was named citizen of the year for supporting and inspiring youngsters, while the under-25 award went to Emma Miller for her PR work promoting the bell tower.


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