LETTERS 22.2.14

09. 818LETTERSDarryl who?
IN recent weeks the Perth Voice has done a great job in devoting significant space to the new Labor federal MP for Perth, Alannah MacTiernan.
This has eventually prompted response—under pressure?—from her Liberal rival in the federal election, Darryl Moore (Voice Mail, February 15, 2014). Darryl who?
What he imagines Alannah to be doing in Canberra is obviously what he saw himself doing had their fortunes being reversed.
Most amusing, however, is the Voice editor feeling obliged to remind Voicelanders of Darryl’s past significance; his role being a quirk in history by now.
Had the Liberal candidate even approached Alannah’s campaign efforts—given the mainstream media’s eagerness and our general attitude to Labor at the time—then thinking of what federal representation Perth might have been landed with today is best avoided.
One trusts Alannah will avoid feeling obliged to dignify Darryl’s outburst, probably under Liberal duress, with a personal response.
Roland Hampsthwaite
Godrich St, Perth

Put suffering residents first
THE article “Shame stays” (Voice, February 15, 2014) reports some Vincent councillors’ reticence with the name and shame policy, wanting to get rid of it.
Once again the residents of Highgate are being dismissed against the suffering of the families of the men who stalk our neighbourhoods illegally.
Councillors’ first duty is to the good governance of the local government and so the interest of its residents. No complaints doesn’t equal no prostitution—it’s still there and visible daily to anyone taking an interest.
Well done to the Vincent council and the former mayor for making our lives considerably better. Just don’t lose sight of the problem and don’t put the interests of unseen parties above residents.
Martin Clifford
Lincoln Street, Highgate

Time to ignite
I ATTENDED the meeting at City of Vincent on Monday February 10 and it was great to see the turnout at short notice and the determination there. The challenge now is to reignite the passion in the community at large, but I am confident it will be.
Your report (Perth Voice, February 15, 2014) shows Lisa Scaffidi still hasn’t twigged to the fact the Local Government Advisory Board can’t recommend the City of Perth’s proposal to asset-strip the City of Vincent.
One might hope the LGAB would not recommend Perth’s asset-grab on economic, governance, equity or even moral grounds—but even failing all that, the proposal leaves the rest of Vincent in limbo and is therefore incomplete.
She also says “we would remain as professional as we are”. If the City of Perth’s behaviour to date (no co-operation with Vincent; no consultation with community) is an indication of how it would be after amalgamation, Vincent residents and ratepayers should be trembling with fear.
I’m not sure Perth MP Eleni Evangel gets it, either. The issue of interim governance is not simply decisions that are made on development applications during that time—it is more about the governance structures (including wards) and the culture that will start to take root.
The only fair way to implement amalgamation is to have a complete spill of elected member positions so the new entity can be genuinely representative of its community, and, yes, that does mean one vote, one value
In the interim period, some form of representation that does not disenfranchise one community (Vincent) to the benefit of the other (Perth) has to be found.
Ian Ker
Vincent St, Mt Lawley

Culturfy me
GOOD on Hank Ekamper for his support of the street art movement in Vincent and the artist for his beautiful work on Angove Street (Voice, February 15, 2014).
I can only hope the arts team at Vincent HQ smiles upon a request I’ve made for a work in the seemingly forgotten Charles/Angove precinct, where the closest thing to culture may be the hourly V8 drag-race exhibition along Charles, as drivers vie for a podium spot in the Ignorance Cup.
Giving “lap dance club” patrons something to aim at on their late-night ablutions wall might be a start to culturfy the area with an under-supply of cafes and an oversupply of strip!
Scott Gibbings
Charles St, North Perth

Sour grapes from a sore loser
THE letter from Darryl Moore, the failed 2013 Liberal candidate for Perth (Voice Mail, February 15, 2014) I can only presume to have been written with impulsive haste in rising to malign his successful opponent from the last federal election, Alannah MacTiernan.
His tirade smacks of sour grapes from an apparently very sore loser.
A particular pleasure I observe from election night is the cordiality and civility [friendly even!] that all candidates pay one another during the count. Sometimes, just sometimes we might catch similar glimpses during parliamentary sessions—a respect I might share with others of the general public.
Darryl Moore was defeated by a candidate who has demonstrated more than adequately her capability as a politician and her respect for members of her electorate, regardless of their individual political leaning. Her record speaks for itself.
She would have been aware that Labor had Buckley’s chances of winning the 2013 election, yet she put aside a personally more rewarding situation as Vincent mayor and accepted the responsibility of representing her electorate of Perth from the opposition backbenches.
I suspect and hope Mr Moore regrets his outburst. Surely he can accept defeat with grace from a superior and popular opponent, for if he cannot then perhaps we as members of the general public are far better off not having representatives of his ilk sitting on the hallowed benches of parliament.
He could do himself a very big favour with a public letter of apology to Alannah MacTiernan in next week’s Perth Voice.
Marshall Willan
The Ed says: Marshall ran a newsagency in Northbridge for something like a million years and is dad to ex-Voice staffer Fiona, who earns a crust these days at the Nine Network in Sydney.

Are we who we think we are?
SOMETIMES I wonder if Australia is that country we like to believe: The land of a fair go, doing the right thing, sympathy for battlers, a belief in justice and rule of law.
In spite of the recent devastating, ABC 4 Corners expose of Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinian children, the Abbott government with foreign minister Julie Bishop representing Australia’s interests, has avoided taking her “concerns directly to the government of Israel”. Why not?
Moreover, in spite of the 1949 Geneva Convention which expressly forbids settlement building by an occupying power (Israel) the Abbott government has said it doesn’t believe Israel should be forced to comply with that international law: an alarming statement.
What is so special about Israel that would qualify it for exemption from the law?
And what other laws might Mr Abbott wish to disregard?
We Australians make much of the fair go for the underdog. It is undeniably clear who is oppressed in Palestine and who is the oppressor.
Our government, acting in our names, has sided with the oppressor. Israel aims to grind down Palestinians by every abominable means possible including terrorising children.
How can we Australians support a regime that perpetrates night raids on sleeping children who are then beaten, given electric shocks and forced to sign fabricated confessions. Try telling your children the prime minister of our country thinks it is better to keep quiet about the children in Palestine being tortured in Israeli prisons.
Vincent Sammut
Franklin St, Leederville

Bitter nasty
WHAT a nasty letter from Darryl Moore (“Is it all about Alannah?” Voice Mail, February 15, 2014).
Mr Moore reveals himself to be both bitter about the outcome of the election and delusional in trying to convince us an incoming lowly backbencher from Perth is going to have influence on federal government policy.  He appears to think referencing age and Ms MacTiernan being a grandmother as insults is somehow going to endear him to an electorate that, to him, obviously got in wrong this time.
I think Mr Moore needs to take some lessons on Australia’s democratic process and move on for all our sakes.
Naomi Brown
Menzies St, North Perth

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