Merge meet

A TOWN hall meeting will be held to help Vincent locals prepare merger submissions to the WA local government advisory board—but the late date leaves just four days to get the documents in.

Former councillor Ian Ker fronted the council this week to take aim at the tight timeframe.

“This gives an unrealistically short time for many people to write and send their submissions to the LGAB,” he said.

He reminded the council that mayor John Carey had said the meeting would be held early February, but it’s been delayed a month to March 9.

“Even now, advice of the meeting is buried at the foot of a long swag of text on the Vincent website rather than on the front page,” the stalwart anti-split campaigner said.

Mr Carey said it’d been moved to give the council time to get the word out.

“We’re getting flyers out this weekend,” he said, and it’ll also be sent around online. “We’re doing our best within a very tight timeframe.”

The meeting is at the North Perth town hall on Sunday March 9 at 1pm.

Locals will be shown five merger proposals and given user-friendly templates to help make their submission, which are due to the LGAB on March 13.


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