New seat a cracker

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MAYLANDS commuters have waited two years for a new bus shelter—but it’s in worse shape than what it replaced. One local wonders whether the same thing ever happens in Nedlands and Subiaco.

The original Clarkson Road shelter “disappeared” without warning in 2012 and was replaced six weeks ago.

Mike Coffrey, who’s caught the bus to work from the stop for six years, describes the replacement as a joke.

“The new one is in worse nick than the last one—the bench is snapped and the concrete is all cracked,” he laughs.

“After two years of waiting and this is what we get—I wonder if they would do the same in Nedlands or Subiaco?

“After the first shelter suddenly vanished two years I chased up Bayswater council, but after several phone calls back and forth, nobody seemed to know where it had gone.”

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