Welcome to the House of Filth

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A DOSS HOUSE just metres from the WA parliament in West Perth has been closed down following countless assaults outside and the discovery of needles in the carpark of an MP’s nearby electoral office.

Upper-house country Liberal MP Jim Chown says privately owned 3 Harvest Terrace is in a state of disrepair and has housed up to 15 residents who engage in anti-social behaviour and take drugs.

“My staff were picking up used needles on a regular basis from our carpark which backs onto the house,” he told the Voice.

“Visitors coming to my office have witnessed assaults outside the house and we had to call the police on a number of occasions.

“I’m glad it’s been shut down: aside from the anti-social behaviour and danger to my staff, the residents were at risk because the building doesn’t have smoke alarms, fire escapes and is in awful condition.”

Mr Chown says young families have stayed at the slum.

Perth city council CEO Gary Stevenson says complaints were received about the building and its residents. It shut the place down after owners La Cava Holdings failed to make it safe for habitation.

“The city placed a building order on the premises in February requiring rectification of serious building defects and related compliance issues,” Mr Stevenson says.

“The action was taken in the interests of the residents’ safety.

“The necessary work has not been undertaken and the owners have advised that the premises are now closed.”

Mr Stevenson adds council staff had asked the Salvation Army to help some residents find alternative accommodation.

“The city has contacted the owners, requesting that they properly secure the building to prevent unauthorised access,” he says.

The Voice understands the original building was built in the late 19th or early 20th century and has been extensively altered.


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