Wild about tucker

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I HAVE never been game enough to try…well game…and at first Casper, being from Denmark—the country, not WA’s southern paradise—was worried about eating so much Australian wildlife.

But when the star dish was presented beautifully before us our curiosity for Aboriginal cuisine won us over.

The Kuditj platter ($9.95) was piled high with wild lime-smoked crocodile, pepperberry cured emu, bush spice chicken sausage roll, kangaroo meatball, bush tomato salsa, kangaroo and vegie stew with rice.

Once Casper had his first taste of emu dipped in delicious salsa, his inner Viking emerged and he imagined himself wandering the bush, sleeping under the stars and taking a war axe to a wallaby.

Kuditj means “think and reflect” and it seems Casper did just that: there’s more to loving wildlife than being distracted by cuteness. Selective, sustainable harvesting has always played a part in ecological preservation.

There’s a lot of love and pride in the place and what it’s trying to achieve.

On the plate our unfortunate emu resembled crispy bacon but the shavings were soft, sweet and tangy. Thin slices of crocodile tasted like chicken—yep, honest—and once our waiter suggested adding aioli and lime to tart it up, we kept diving in for seconds.

Tender chunks of roo in the stew ($8.50) were juicy and melted in our mouths. The damper was a crusty, warm and welcome addition to soak up the stew’s delicious juices.

We wolfed down more kangaroo in a vegetable pie ($4.50) and meatballs, something our digestive system admittedly had trouble with after: too. much. meat.
Kuditj is simple and sweet and has facilities for large catering needs, seminars and conferences. The staff made us feel very welcome, eager to offer us information about their cooking methods, ingredients and spices. There’s a lot of love and pride in the place and what it’s trying to achieve.

Kuditj is the only Aboriginal-owned and -operated cafe in Perth so if you’re getting bored with chicken and salad sandwiches or over-priced sushi for lunch, this makes an excellent and very well-priced change.


Kuditj Cafe
201 Beaufort Street, Northbridge
9228 0614
open Mon–Fri 7am to 3pm

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