Leaky lakes leave Boas brides plumb out of luck

ANYONE who’s booked their wedding at Harold Boas gardens in 2015 may have to think again.

The heritage-listed and picturesque gardens’ lakes are badly leaking and look likely to get a $1.4 million repair job, starting in January. Perth city council staffers concede it’ll have a “major impact on wedding bookings”.

Unless brides want excavators, mud and high-vis and hard helmets as part of the nuptials, alternatives may be required.

The lakes are leaking 6600 cubic metres of water every year—about three Olympic swimming pools—through cracks in bitumen and concrete lining.

Perth city council has been pumping water in to try to keep them full but it’s hitting the limits of its groundwater licence. Other lakes are going thirsty as a result.

Band-aid measures over the years have had mixed success, so a major reconstruction is “imperative,” PCC staffers reckon.

The gardens were built in 1975-1976 and named after a long-serving councillor.


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