LETTERS 7.6.14

11. 833LETTERSBe sad no Moore
SOMEONE needs to buy “Dazzling” Darryl Moore (Voice Mail, May 31, 2014) a copy of Coping With Loss by Anita Naik.
It has been almost 10 months since Alannah MacTiernan trounced Mr Moore by 8.8 per cent in the federal election, yet we continue to see letters from the failed candidate whining about Ms MacTiernan without making a solitary constructive criticism of her performance as the member for Perth.
If Mr Moore still holds political ambitions, perhaps he should take a positive approach—and start by writing letters defending the Abbott Government’s hopelessly inept performance and ghastly Budget.
Giovanni Torre

News Corp the big bias offender
THE topic of media bias (Voice Mail, May 31, 2014) is interesting but picking on the ABC is a small matter compared to the bias by News Corporation towards the Liberal Party.
The headlines from The Daily Telegraph for instance which encouraged before the last federal election  “It’s Time For Tony” or its description of the March in May  as “The Ferals Are Revolting”.
Now in reference to Michael Sutherland’s statement (Voice Mail, May 17, 2014) “the Labor Party was working on ways to muzzle the press” I feel it is a double standard to attack a media organisation for supposedly telling a Labor story when there are plenty of media outlets already telling the Liberal side of the story with great support.
I personally feel Mr Sutherland misrepresents the community and its right to free press when he seeks to single out the ABC.
Ryan McNiece
Cedus Pl, Menora

Howling mad
AFTER more then 10 years’ engagement with the community, the East Metropolitan Regional Council has shown itself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
It has secretly and aggressively pursued a dirty energy technology, highly controversial in terms of pollution, climate change and financial risks but which the community has consistently said it does not want.
It doesn’t seem to matter that the EMRC previously assured the community it wouldn’t put an incinerator in Hazelmere. The EMRC is so hell-bent on pushing through its dirty energy incinerator that it told the EPA not to assess it when it finally referred it to the EPA after trying to get away with a lesser works approval application.
How scandalous that our own regional council would attempt to evade a statutory environmental impact assessment process that is required under our environmental protection act.
The EMRC cannot be trusted to oversee waste management, environmental protection or industrial developments in our region if it is so ready and willing to sell out our health and environment as it has done on this project. Had the EPA taken its advice and not required an assessment of this project then none of the air quality issues or any other matters would have been brought into the public arena.
Communities in High Wycombe, Bassendean, Guildford, Midland, Hazelmere and Bellevue will carry the greatest pollution, noise and fire risks.
Despite claims made in the media the project would blow out for another 9-12 months because the EPA required a 12-month air quality study, the EMRC did not undertake any further air quality monitoring for the Hazelmere incinerator, relying instead on data generated at the Red Hill Landfill site on the Darling Scarp, a topography vastly different to that of Hazelmere on the Swan Coastal Plain.
I urge all residents in East Metro to take this hard-fought opportunity to make a submission to the EPA. We nearly didn’t get it, thanks to the EMRC.
Jane Bremmer
Chair, Alliance for a Clean

Still in a Daz
POOR Daz. He is still sitting in Dalkeith, nursing the wounds of an election loss  (Voice Mail, May 31, 2014).
Just a word of advice: in politics you must do the big and the little things. While I spend most of my time punching away at national issues, when a school community asks for my help to get a reasonable deal for their kids, I help.
Alannah MacTiernan
Federal Labor Member for Perth

ABC asks the questions
MICHAEL SUTHERLAND (Voice Mail, May 31, 2014) lists staffers, past and present and their associations with Labor politicians.
Obviously I do not have the resources to compile a list pertaining to connections to the Liberal and or National parties. In our democracy one can work where there is honest opportunities and vote with privacy guaranteed.
The important question is, have ABC program presenters and anchors been fair in execution of their job? I believe they have, and are.
As foundation head of the department of media performance at WAAPA 30 years ago I have always viewed and listened on many levels. It is my conclusion that those criticised by the MLA for Mt Lawley are professional in their work and treat all their interview subjects in the same way—seeking answers to important questions.
David Hawkes
Longroyd St, Mt Lawley

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