New life for lanes

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•Artists Mel McVee and Fieldey (back) with Beaufort Street Network’s Dean Cracknell. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

STREET artists are banding together to spruce up tired old laneways around town.

The idea came from mural artist Mel McVee, who’s painted the Beaufort Street chihuahua, the Leake Street Mr Spaghetti Arms and the Leederville loo mural.

Ms McVee got the idea after painting a piece in the Grosvenor Road laneway in concert with the owner. When a bunch of other landowners asked her to paint their properties too, the light bulb went off.

The project will start out with 20 artists painting laneways off Grosvenor Road and Moir Street (with owner permission).

“We want the owner to love the piece, so you don’t get something that they’re not going to enjoy,” she says.

Artists Stormie Mills, Fieldey, and Yok and Sheryo are already keen to get involved.

“For people like me who are just getting into murals, it’s a great opportunity,” Fieldey says.

Ms McVee says the murals will deter taggers from creeping around alleys and may cut down on other scurrilous acts.

The materials can be pricey for a big mural, so Ms McVee is looking for sponsorship to help cover costs. Vincentdeputy mayor Ros Harley has moved a motion for the council to investigate funding it.

“We do have a lot of laneways in the city of Vincent which are pretty ordinary to go down,” she says. “The murals make them a more pleasant place to go down than the usual reasons people go down a laneway.”


One response to “New life for lanes

  1. Awesome idea! I love murals. Well, most of them! I’ve not seen the other two mentioned but Mr Spaghetti Arms is great. So much better than a blank wall and if it discourages taggers then it’s even better. I hate tags. So ugly. 🙂

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