R60 limit will ‘impact prices’

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• A screenshot of Momentum’s petition opposing Stirling council’s restrictions on suburban blocks.

STIRLING city council’s plan to ban multiple dwellings on suburban blocks coded below R60 could impact house prices, says REIWA president David Airey.

The council is consulting the public about amending its town planning scheme to reverse a recent decision by the WA government to allow more multiple dwellings on land coded below R60.

“If zoning is changed in a way that cuts back on the number of dwellings that can be built on a block, then yes that will have some impact on property values depending on how and where it’s done,” Mr Airey says.

“REIWA is very supportive of the state government’s ‘Directions 2031’ urban planning ethos which aims for greater density for metropolitan Perth and we encourage the city of Stirling to embrace this too.

“More density, particularly around transport nodes, helps with better housing options and affordability.”

Stirling’s amendment has irked property investment consultancy Momentum Wealth, which has launched a “Stop Stirling Council!” website, petition and social media campaign.

“We started the petition last last year and have collected around 500 signatures,” says managing director Damian Collins.

“We are opposed to a blanket ban on multiple dwellings on land coded under R60 in the suburbs.

“It won’t be appropriate for every situation, but each case should be judged on its merits and a blanket ban is very harsh and a blunt tool.”

Mr Collins says he has already lobbied WA planning minister John Day and plans to submit his petition to the council after public consultation ends on July 3.

Stirling mayor Giovanni Italiano says recent changes by the Barnett government to allow more multiple dwellings will put “pressure on infrastructure in the suburbs” and lead to parking chaos.

“Where we have historically seen two additional dwellings per developable lot we are now seeing an average of nine,” he says.

“Under the current strategy, Stirling could see an additional 272,000 houses and units in its suburbs, 20 times the target of the state government which would create havoc for our residents.

“While it is unlikely there would be 100 per cent uptake of this potential, realising only 10 percent would double the target set by the state.”

Cr Italiano acknowledges the amendment could irk developers.

“We acknowledge there may be some resistance from the building and development sector, however the city of Stirling has a duty to look at the bigger picture and outcomes for the future,” he says.


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